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Quality, reliable and original AVIA parts

AVIA Motors is aware of the importance of well-functioning after-sales services for customers. We offer spare parts for vehicles Avia Euro 6, Euro 5, Euro 4 and Euro 3. For the original spare parts distribution AVIA uses a network of contracting partners - dealers, service shops and resellers of spare parts. 

We choose from our offer of parts for vehicles:
  • Brake parts
  • Axle parts and chassis
  • Steering parts
  • Suspension parts and parts of chassis stabilization
  • Engine parts
  • Parts of the exhaust system
  • Parts of the fuel system
  • Parts of the cooling system
  • Engine supercharging (boosting) parts
  • Filters
  • Electric motor units
  • Vehicle clutches
How to order spare parts 

Proper identification of the component will benefit your subsequent satisfaction with our services and the AVIA brand.

For demand of spare parts, it is necessary to specify:

  • The exact contact of the company 
  • The VIN code given in the vehicle technical license 
  • Name of spare part
  • Catalogue table number
  • Number of ordered spare parts
  • Order number of the spare part
  • Position number in the catalogue table
  • Spare parts catalogue number and the year of its issue
  • Transport

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