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At the MSPO trade fair in Kielce, Poland that took place last week, representatives of the Polish company H. CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ (HCP) and CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) have signed a memorandum of cooperation on a project of new generation of utility electric-powered vehicles for the transport of several-tonne loads in urban agglomerations. At the time of increasing of ecological requirements and freight transport, the Czech-Polish cooperation in this area is a logical step.

In its development program, the company H. CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ directs traditionally its attention also to the development and manufacturing of electromotors for both road and rail transport. For the new Czech-Polish project, H. CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ will develop an electric drive unit, and the car company AVIA MOTORS will provide a chassis platform. It is no wonder that already in the past, electric vehicles were produced, which used the AVIA chassis and cabs, which have found their customers also in demanding Western markets.

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