Upravit stránku

On Monday, February 12, 2018, the vehicle AVIA D120 Initia with a black cab has leaved the production line at the plant AVIA Motors in Prelouc. It was handed over to our dealer of many times, Auto Helus s.r.o. The new facelift together with the black cab is interesting and attractive and it was a special requirement of the customer. AVIA, with a total payload of 12 t and a 3,900-mm wheelbase is equipped with a 210-horsepower engine Cummins with a preparation for subsequent mounting of the container carrier.

The owner of the new AVIA, the company H-REKULTIVACE, a.s., is engaged in the implementation of technical and biological recultivations, municipal services, revegetation and maintenance of roads. Its fleet of vehicles, which also includes three AVIA of "past generation", will be actually expanded by the new AVIA Initia.

We wish to the new customer many travelled kilometres with the AVIA vehicle and above all the successful business to which, as we hope AVIA will contribute.