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In September 2017 AVIA Motors introduced a new line of AVIA vehicles under the trade name INITIA. The vehicles are made in the EURO VI emission class, therefore emission class required for new car registrations in the European Union. Variability and many configurations distinguish also this new range of AVIA vehicles.

The most demanding configuration is the AVIA D120 4x2, which is currently the leading product of AVIA Motors. AVIA vehicles in the 4x2 version are mainly used in building industry, distribution and municipal services. 

The next step of AVIA Motors is also the preparation of the AVIA D 120 in the 4x4 version, suitable for medium and light traffic, for the earthworks area as well as for municipal services.

A very interesting and historically traditional AVIA product is the supply of mobile or stationary chassis. The key product for eastern markets is the AVIA D-series with a new facelift in the EURO V emission class.

The main features of AVIA vehicles are the lightest chassis and the largest payload in its category, which has a positive effect on lower consumption and higher performance. AVIA vehicles are efficient and save both time and money. Compact cab dimensions are an advantage for traffic in narrow city streets and in difficult conditions. The pleasant design and comfort of the interior offers a pleasant working environment.

The choice of weight categories ranging from 7.5 tons to 12 tons, wheelbase variants, 4x2 and 4x4 drives, three versions of cabs and the size of wheels -17.5 "and 19.5"  provide the individual solution of each vehicle.

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