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The RACING TEAM AVIA FUTURE is again the champion of European Truck Trial. The title of European Champion has been decided in the final and until the last moment exciting race of the season. The last race of this series took place in the German city of Strassberg / Zollernalbkreis from 9 to 10 September.

The overall position for the year 2017 EUROPA TRUCK TRIAL category II. is:

1st place Racing Team Avia Future (CZ) with a total number of 125 points

2nd place Team Plein Gaz (F) with a total number of 124 points

3rd place Gangs of Sud Est (F) with a total number of 117 points

"We would like to thank all those who were our fans, supported us and helped us in the races. Thanks to our sponsors without whom we couldn´t  do it! We appreciate that we can represent in this way not only the Czech Republic but also the company Avia Motors Ltd., which restores its production and returns in this way to the Czech market. We look forward to meet you in the next season. "

Bohouš and Katka – Racing Team Avia Future

The Racing Team Avia Future under the sponsorship of CROSS CLUB PŘELOUČ z. s. as a sole Czech crew participates in the TRUCK TRIAL European Championship. In the year 2007, they won the title of European Champions for the first time, followed by a number of second and third places, and in 2016 they managed to gain again the title of European champions. And in 2017 the crew of Bohumír Čáp from Přelouč (driver), Kateřina Ventluková from Skoranov (navigator) with the Avia A31 car retained the title.

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