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CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG in short) is a holding building upon Czechoslovak industrial tradition which is being supported and further developed by activities of traditional Czech and Slovak companies in fields of both military and civilian industrial production. Its portfolio includes production and sales of military and special vehicles, all-terrain cargo trucks, weapons and weapon systems, ammunition, engineering products for automobile, railway and aerospace industries or transport and logistical services. The Group emphasises top-class quality of its products and services as well as export activities. The Group’s products can be encountered across all continents and the number of its customers keeps growing. The CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP’s companies have been employing close to 5000 people in 2015 and generated revenue of 12 billion CZK.
  • Czech part

    EXCALIBUR ARMY - development, overhauls and modernizations of military hardware, e.g. BMP, T-72, DANA self-propelled howitzer, rocket launchers, combat engineering vehicles and others; key production facility of the company is a former military maintenance plant in Sternberk, Czech Republic, acquired by EXCALIBUR ARMY in 2013, which is being further developed ever since; in 2015, the company secured a strategic partnership contract with General Dynamics which enabled EXCALIBUR ARMY to offer, sell and deliver PANDUR II 8x8 CZ vehicles at different markets

    TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE - specialized in production, overhauls and modernizations of mostly armoured and special vehicles for domestic as well as foreign customers, e.g. PANDUR II 8x8 vehicles, tanks, Land Rover vehicles and other

    DAKO-CZ – development and production of pneumatic, electromechanic and hydraulic braking systems and components for railway vehicles, e.g. personal and cargo train cars, sub-metropolitan units, tenders, metro and tram vehicles; 200-year-long tradition; the company operates a modern test lab and construction facility

    KARBOX - production of integrated containers, container facilities and box bodies for utility and cargo vehicles, e.g. complete field hospital delivery to NATO NSPA

    NIKA LOGISTICS - transport company offering comples transport and logistical services. Operates their own fleet of more than 250 utility vehicles as well as dedicated logistical areas; their portfolio includes complex spedition involving all types of transport ranging from road transports to naval and air transport; apart from standard-sized shipments, the company also handles oversize cargo transport including ADR Class 1 cargo and special military transports.

    EXCALIBUR INTERNATIONAL - trade with both military and civilian vehicles and aircraft, as well as with special material including complex logistical processes; deliveries of residential, medical and other specialized containers; tactical training of military and law enforcement special units

  • Slovak part


    MSM GROUP is an enterprise covering subsidiaries with the portfolio within a segment of defence and a civilian industry. The target of the group is a strategic leadership of the subsidiaries to effective seek out and managing of new projects within its portfolio. The companies within the group are covering by their portfolio whole life cycle of the ammunition, military wheeled and tracked equipment and the radio-navigation electrical engineering. The activities included design and development, construction, production but also follow service, repair, revision or modernisation including the offer of the transfer of related technology. In the portfolio of our services you can find also next activities such as sales and authorized service of TATRA trucks, production of transformers and special pumping equipment, and also the production of ISO mobile containers. MSM GROUP covers the activities of whole group with a focus on increasing efficiency and expanding historically proven good brands to the widest possible markets.


    MSM Martin - production, maintenance and repairs of military hardware, weapons, ammunition; development and production of radionavigational systems; successor to the tradition of former military maintenance plants in Banska Bystrica, Novaky and Trencin

    ZVS – production of small, medium and large caliber ammunitions as well as personal weapons; engineering plant with production for both military and civilian industry, established in 1937