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From aircraft to trucks – in the footsteps of the brand

AVIA is a Czech company, which was founded in the year 1919. The company was originally a producer of successful aircraft and aircraft engines. Aviation manufacturing is known for its high demands on technical excellence and quality and precision – and that is the DNA on which to build even the current AVIA.

AVIA began to be in the automotive industry active in the postwar period. In addition to the trucks the company produced even armored personnel carriers for the army. The crucial milestone, however, was the signing of a license agreement with French company SAVIEM about the production of the very successful light trucks under the brand name AVIA. The high quality of the production, which is traditional for AVIA, it had the main credit for their success, not only in the countries of the former CMEA, but also in the more mature markets of Western Europe and North Africa. For example, in the course of five years from the year of 1982 was only to Algeria exported more than 13,000 of these vehicles. Thanks to its simple and robust construction of these trucks and an ideal object for the local assembly in Morocco and in Egypt, where they were fitted from the supply in the unassembled stage, the so-called CKD kits.

In the post-revolutionary period, there have been several times to change the owner of the company, since 2016 the AVIA become a part of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG). CSG bought truck manufacturer from the Indian company Ashok Leyland Motors. The subject of the acquisition was truck manufacturer and all rights of the famous Czech brand, which in the year 2019 to celebrate 100 years of existence.

Even in the future will be AVIA offer a wide variety of versions of trucks. Thus, for example, even with crew cab, presented at the motor show in Hanover in 2012 or with all-wheel drive.

 In 2017, the AVIA moves into new manufacturing space in Přelouč and for the purpose of resumption of production expand the number of its employees. In demand are in particular professions such as designers, technologists and workers of the final assembly.

We believe that we can return the brand AVIA on the road worldwide.