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Original AVIA spare parts

AVIA focuses not only on the sale of new cars, it is also aware of the importance of well-functioning after-sales services for customers.

Product line AVIA Motors

In September 2017 AVIA Motors introduced a new line of AVIA vehicles under the trade name INITIA. The vehicles are made in the EURO VI emission class, therefore emission class required for new car registrations in the European Union. Variability and many configurations distinguish also this new range of AVIA vehicles.

AVIA starts production of new vehicles and supply of spare parts

The car manufacturer AVIA of Prelouc continues its preparations for the return to the market. In addition to the production of about 60 vehicles, which will be directed mainly to AVIA dealers as demo vehicles, AVIA also supplies spare parts on the market, which are of customers great interest.

AVIA presented itself within the AVIA ROAD SHOW all around the Czech and Slovak republic

Last week, AVIA returned from the easternmost site of Slovakia from Humenné, after the end of the AVIA ROAD SHOW, which took place in September and October of this year. AVIA ROAD SHOW followed after the official presentation of the innovated vehicle AVIA model series D in the EURO VI emission class, which took place in the first half of September. The new AVIA INITIA was then presented at fifteen locations in the Czech and Slovak Republics.


The first car sold to the company Recycling - Metal Waste from Chotěboř

The first car produced in the premises of Prelouc has already its owner, the purchaser is the company Recycling - metal waste from Chotěboř. This is a new AVIA D 120 INITIA with a container carrier in the EURO VI emission class. We believe that our car will be a helper and an effective business tool for our customers.

RACING TEAM AVIA FUTURE opět mistrem Evropy v Truck Trial

The RACING TEAM AVIA FUTURE is again the champion of European Truck Trial. The title of European Champion has been decided in the final and until the last moment exciting race of the season. The last race of this series took place in the German city of Strassberg / Zollernalbkreis from 9 to 10 September.

Collaboration on a new generation of utility electric-powered vehicles

At the MSPO trade fair in Kielce, Poland that took place last week, representatives of the Polish company H. CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ (HCP) and CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) have signed a memorandum of cooperation on a project of new generation of utility electric-powered vehicles for the transport of several-tonne loads in urban agglomerations. At the time of increasing of ecological requirements and freight transport, the Czech-Polish cooperation in this area is a logical step.